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Reward Offered in Murder of City Man

 On August 29, 2008 between the times of 4:15 and 4:30 a.m., 63-year-old Carl Seebeck as shot to death as he was walked near 300 Broadway in Pawtucket. Prior to his murder, He was walking from his house to the Roosevelt Avenue bus stop after having stopped at a nearby Dunkin Donuts. He was on his way to work. There is a five thousand dollar reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Seeback’s killer(s).  


Decades old Murder of West Warwick Woman Still an Active Case

 Kathy Perry was twenty year old woman who had aspirations to become a hairdresser. Those dreams came to halt when she was found brutally murdered in September of 1986. The West Warwick High School graduate had left her job at Ultra Finishers on Access Road in Warwick and was found murdered hours later. Her naked body was found in an area of Warwick near an industrial park. She was the victim of homicide. It is possible that she may have known her attacker. Despite happening over twenty five years ago this is a very active case.  


Bones Found On Beach Don’t Answer All the Questions Regarding College Freshman That Disappeared

 The first year of college can always be an adjustment. For 18 year old New Jersey resident, Bryan Nisenfeld, it proved to be more than just that. On February 6th, 1997, the architecture major left a college class and seemingly disappeared. At first it seemed that the Roger Williams College student may have taken off, he had been homesick and emotionally upset. College officials notified Nisenfeld’s parents six days later that their son was missing. It seemed through various reports that College officials and the Bristol Police Department thought that Nisenfeld ran away. Six months later a woman and her daughter were walking along Hog’s Beach when they came across a boot with a human foot in it. DNA testing later revealed that the foot and a bone found nearby belonged to Nisenfeld. College officials and Bristol Police theorized that Nisenfeld may have slipped on some rocks and fell into the water or that he committed suicide by jumping off the Mt. Hope Bridge. However, Nisenfeld had received threats from a former Roger Williams College student that he knew during his first semester. It is not clear if Nisenfeld was friends with or romantically involved with this other male student. However, just days before Nisenfeld disappeared, this former student allegedly threatened him via a phone call that he was going back to the campus to harm Nisenfeld. Suicide, accident or murder, we may never know. 


Justice in 1988 Murders of Two Young Girls Still Remains Elusive

 Seven year old Michelle Norris was found murdered on May 30, 1988 on a wooded hill behind Brook Street. The young girl had gone missing two days prior from outside of the Captain G. Harold Hunt Elementary School in the small city of Central Falls.  



 Sadly, Michelle was not the only young Rhode Island girl to be a victim of homicide that year. Ten year old Christine Cole of Pawtucket was found murdered on February 28th, 1988 on the beach at Conimicut Point in Warwick, which is downstream from where the Blackstone and Seekonk Rivers both exit into Narragansett Bay. She had been reported missing a month before on January 6th. It was a cold day with wind chills in the negative degrees. The young girl, who had just turned 10 years old two days before, went to Saint’s Market, which was a neighborhood corner store to buy a gallon of milk.  


Peaceful Place, Violent Discover

 Lincoln Woods is a peaceful park located in Northern Rhode Island. It’s a popular place for families, hikers, walkers and even rock climbers. On August 10, 2011, that changed when an abandoned car was found in a driveway about 200 yards outside the Twin River entrance to the park. Inside the trunk of the vehicle, was a grisly scene. A man shot execution style several times in the head, his hands bound behind his back. It didn’t take police long to identify the victim as Ronny Almonte, who had lived in both Pawtucket and Providence, Rhode Island. He had last been seen at a house party in Providence earlier that evening. 


A Taunting Phone Call Proves True As a Woman Still Remains Missing


“You will never find her.” The caller told Charlotte Saulnier. The caller was referring to her twenty-seven year old daughter Katrina McVeigh. The mother of three disappeared from Front and Lincoln Street in Woonsocket in June of 1992. The family strongly believes that Katrina is deceased and knew her murderer. She had just gotten out of a long term abusive relationship. Her last known address was 295 Second Avenue. Her brother has stated that he believed that she may have been buried on the banks of the Blackstone River in town. Sadly, her disappearance is not the only case of disappearances and unsolved murders in the town of Woonsocket.


Additional Information

 On March 17, 1994, 28 year old Meaghan Paul was found stabbed to death in her third-floor apartment at 233 North Main Street. According to an official with the Woonsocket Police Department, both Paul and McVeigh “lived in an environment of drugs and prostitution.” Another Woonsocket resident, Cindy Roberts was also addicted to drugs and engaged in prostitution.  She went missing on July 4th, 2001. Her remains were found in a wooded area in the town of Lincoln near River Road on October 7, 2001.